Hotel vs. Bed & Breakfast: Which is better?

Tray bed and breakfast

Whether you’re headed on a road trip to small-town Ontario or flying to Europe for a jaunt in Paris, one thing’s for sure: You’ll need accommodations. In recent years, many travellers have been swapping out the traditional hotel — in favour of a more intimate setting with personalized service.

Sure, renting an apartment on Airbnb seems less sterile and cozier than booking the Hyatt. But sleeping and cooking in someone else’s home is still uncomfortable for some. That’s why Bed & Breakfasts (B&Bs) offer a good middle ground — with the flexibility to adjust to your needs on a whim.

There are many great reasons to consider B&Bs as your go-to accommodation. Read on to see why many travellers refuse to see the world without some B&B hospitality along the way.

The best of both worlds

Want isolation and privacy one day, but human interaction the next? That’s possible at a Bed & Breakfast because your hosts will give you the best of both worlds. Hotels are great for those mornings when you’d rather sip coffee in silence and get lost in your own thoughts.  But what about those days when you’d like some tips from a local before venturing out, or maybe a home-cooked meal? At B&Bs like Lakelands, you’re allowed to be fickle. Spend an hour telling us about your splendid life back home — and then disappear to your room for the rest of the afternoon. We won’t be offended. We’re masters at accommodating whatever you’re feeling at any given moment. After all, B&B hosts are humans too. No need to apologize for emotional spontaneity when you’re on vacation!

Better customer service

Because B&B establishments are essentially “residences” owned by local proprietors, you’re getting taken care of. Unlike hotel workers, B&B hosts are directly affected by unhappy clientele. This means you’re getting superior service that always puts the customer first:

  • Hosts make personal connections with their guests, which means they keep an extra eye out for your safety and well-being
  • Lesser rooms means more time to pay attention to details; hosts will ensure your suite is well-stocked, even offering small conveniences to personalize your stay
  • Breakfast is a delicious home-cooked meal that is included in your accommodation rate

Unique views and interpretations of the landscape

Most B&Bs are located in residential areas, meaning you’ll often score an accommodation in the heart of the city where all the action is. And even if you don’t, not a problem. B&Bs allow you to experience things as the locals would — because isn’t that what travelling is all about? Your pictures will also turn out nicer because you’re more likely to get photo-bombed by images of local life, as opposed to concrete buildings and shopping malls.

Stay at Lakelands B&B

If you think B&Bs are the clear winner, consider booking yourself a vacation at Lakelands. Our lovely home is the preferred choice for the thousands of people who explore Niagara-on-the-Lake each year. So get in touch for your next visit. We offer more than just stunning suites and hospitality. You’ve got friends for a lifetime at Lakelands B&B.