Tips for a Successful Winery Tour

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One of the most popular activities in Niagara-on-the-Lake is, of course, the winery tour. This region is famous for its picturesque landscapes, featuring lush vineyards and rolling pastures. But if you’re relatively new to the wine scene, it may be difficult for you to navigate this complex world. With dozens of wineries dotted along Niagara’s coast, where does one even begin?

Our guests at Lakelands B&B often ask for tips to winery-hopping. That’s why we’ve put together this special list to ensure your next tour is a successful one!

Consider an organized tour

Although the thought of dropping in on random wineries may seem like a great idea, a small group tour will have you tasting more wine than you expected. These tours also offer the luxury of a hired car. This not only ensures you’re comfortable getting from place to place, but also gives you the safety of a designated driver should you become a bit tipsy.

Focus on smaller wineries

Big name wineries like Inniskillin and Jackson-Triggs are definitely must-sees. But make sure to take some time to visit lesser-known wineries, too. These smaller facilities will really give you a sense of the passion behind winemaking. And because they’re less busy, you’ll get some intimate interaction with those running it.

Don’t be shy about asking questions

Always remember: No questions are ever stupid.  Sure, there will be some wine connoisseurs mingling about. But more often than not, everyone else is an amateur trying to learn the basics — just like you. Questions like, “What type of food goes best with this wine?” or “Do you think this will be a good growing season?” are excellent ice-breakers. By asking these types of questions, you’re showing tasting room personnel you’re interested in their craft.

Rely on trusted locals for good recommendations

Niagara-on-the-Lake is bursting with wineries. But if you’re unsure of how to narrow down the options, Lakelands B&B is your best bet. We’ve worked with several wineries and tour operators over the years, giving us a good sense of who’s reputable and who’s not.  Our ‘Packages’ section will put you in touch with the best excursions this region has to offer. And if a small group tour is not your style, no worries. We’re happy to personally recommend a few of our favourite wineries, too!